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When I was growing up in a middle-class family in Montgomery County, we often heard politicians talk about problems facing our state like poverty, low-performing schools, and poor healthcare. We assumed our leaders would be able to solve these problems – after all, America had won two world wars and put a man on the moon. 

Yet, decades later, we still face many of the same challenges. Over ¼ of Maryland eighth graders can’t read at a basic competency level and over ⅓ are below competency in math. Low and moderate income families have seen stagnant wages as income inequality has grown. Healthcare costs keep going up. 

Why haven’t we solved these problems? It isn’t for lack of trying. It’s because policymakers keep trying solutions without knowing whether they really work. And unfortunately, many well-meaning programs and policies don’t deliver the hoped-for results. 

We need a completely different approach.

For over 20 years, I’ve led the charge – working closely with the Obama and Bush Administrations and Congress – to reform government programs so that spending decisions are based on actual evidence about what works and what doesn’t. Because of my work and many others’, there are a growing number of exceptional programs and strategies shown to be highly effective in improving people’s lives, and reducing racial and social inequality, in education, earnings, and healthcare

Our next Governor must act without delay to bring proven, effective solutions to Maryland. Twenty years from now, will our children look back and say that we just kept doing the same old, same old? Or will they say that Maryland pioneered a new governing approach – based on evidence about what actually works – and finally moved the needle on education, wages, and healthcare? That’s the future I want for our state.

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