When I was growing up in a middle-class family in Maryland, we heard politicians talk about problems facing our state, like poverty, low-performing schools, and poor healthcare. Everyone had a new plan, but decades later we still face many of the same challenges. Over ¼ of Maryland eighth graders can’t read at a basic level and over ⅓ can’t do basic math. Wages are stagnant as income inequality has grown. Healthcare costs keep rising. Racial inequities persist in all these areas. 

As governor, I’ll chart a very different path.

For over 20 years, I’ve been on mission to find effective new ways to solve our toughest challenges. After serving in the Clinton Administration, I founded a nonprofit that pioneered a new way forward – rigorously testing many different solutions and expanding those that are most effective. Working with the Bush and Obama Administrations, we got major reforms enacted into law that produced big gains in education, earnings, and healthcare. My approach has always been bipartisan: I’ve been an appointee of Democratic and Republican Presidents, and was confirmed twice by the Senate.

Now, it’s time to bring this evidence-based approach to Maryland. 

When I’m governor, we’ll do what’s proven to work, like – 

  • Providing high-quality tutoring to every struggling first and second grader in the state, to move them up toward grade level early, before their problems become serious in later grades. We’ll do this by engaging the community, including retirees and recent college graduates, to become tutors for a modest stipend as a public service.
  • Partnering with Maryland businesses to provide effective job training to every young adult in our state who wants to advance. If done right, job training can make a big difference, increasing earnings by as much as 40%. The key is to focus the training on fast-growing sectors of the economy, such as information technology and healthcare, and to work closely with local employers who provide the trainees with paid internships. 

We’ll also test bold new ideas and expand them if successful, like – 

  • An anti-poverty program for the long-term unemployed that helps them find a full-time job and offers them a sizable earnings supplement if they do. The idea is: if you work hard in Maryland, we’ll help you move out of poverty.

As governor, I’ll focus on what works best for Marylanders. That’s why I won’t take a dime of corporate or special interest money. And I’ll always be honest about whether we’re making progress, and what needs to be changed.

Here’s the bottom line: if we simply continue on our current path, we’ll be here in 20 years and nothing will have changed. To make progress, we must use solutions that are tested in the real world and shown effective. That’s why I’m running for governor:

Let’s do what works.

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