ABC-7 TV INTERVIEW: Jon Baron takes new, creative approach as Democratic candidate for Maryland governor

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ANNAPOLIS, Md. (7News) — His first campaign ad makes it clear. Jon Baron wants to be seen as different from the other democratic candidates for Governor.

In the ad, he appears in his bathroom with an open shirt. Preparing to shave he says to the camera: “I’m really sorry about this but I’m going to have to multi-task as we make this video because I’m very busy, and ya know, really important.”

The ad uses humor to make a central point of his campaign, that as governor he promises a new approach to governing. In the ad, as he shaves he reveals it’s not a razor in his hand and draws a parallel to government.

“Because many programs, unfortunately, don’t workit’s like shaving with a damn butter knife.”

In his Bethesda home of 28 years, Baron explains why he decided to make his first run for elective office.

“Because Maryland is not making progress on major problems that are damaging millions of lives,” said Baron. “And I’m offering a fundamentally different approach.”

Baron is 59 years old. He holds degrees from Rice, Princeton and Yale Law schools. He was raised in Montgomery County and he and his wife Jessica have two grown sons. They live just two miles from where Baron grew up.

He’s spent his career in non-profits and government serving Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama. He has twice been confirmed by the Senate.

“I’m a government reformer,” Baron said of his work. “I’ve led the charge to increase the effectiveness of government through evidence about what actually works.”

Baron said education is a top priority and adds it can’t just mean spending more money.

“We will use the resources to expand high-quality tutoring to every struggling first and second grader in the entire state,” explained the candidate. “Because that’s been shown to move them up toward grade level before their problems get serious in later make progress we have to zero in on solutions that are tested and shown to be effective. That’s why I’m running for governor. Let’s do what works.”

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