MARYLAND MATTERS: A Close Shave for Baron

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Jon Baron, one of the nine Democratic candidates for governor, has launched a two-minute video that primarily shows him shaving.

Baron, whose dry wit has become a staple of the campaign trail, attempts to use his shaving exercise to illustrate his oft-argued point that government has relied on policy solutions that don’t work for too long.

The spot opens with Baron, a former nonprofit leader, in a bathroom, dress shirt open, talking to the camera and lathering up for a shave.

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to multi-task as we make this video, because I’m very busy and, you know, really important,” he says as the ad opens.

As he appears to be vigorously shaving, Baron discusses how he’s tired of seeing the same type of government education and anti-poverty programs fail over the decades. He then shows what he’s been attempting to shave with.

“It’s like shaving with the damn butter knife — we’re not getting anywhere.”

Baron says he’s committed to expanding programs that are proven to work, like a vigorous tutoring program for struggling first graders.

“No!” he says as someone hands him a carving knife.

“Yes!” he says as it’s replaced by a razor.

After he finishes his pitch, Baron, fully shaved and dressed, says, “Excuse me, I have a call to make,” and walks into another room where he attempts to pick up a rotary dial phone with the chord cut off. “Shoot!” he exclaims.

In the next frame, he’s joined by his running mate, former TV reporter Natalie Williams.

“Now that you’re clean-shaven, Jon, let’s get serious,” she says. “Visit our website for proven solutions for Maryland.”

No word yet on whether the ad will be disseminated beyond the Internet.

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