MARYLAND MATTERS: Riding with Jon and Natalie

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Jon Baron, another Democratic candidate for governor, began airing his first full-blown TV commercial on Monday — and it mostly features footage of him and his running mate, Natalie Williams, riding a tandem bicycle.

The ad opens with them trying to ride the bike in front of a green screen. But then Baron, who has used humor in his digital ads, sees that it’s not really working. That’s a metaphor for well-meaning policy prescriptions that aren’t working — a central part of Baron’s argument that he’ll bring proven solutions to the governor’s office. Only after making a few tweaks to the bike are Baron and Williams able to go out on the open road.

Baron’s campaign said it has made a high-six figure buy on broadcast, cable, YouTube, Connected TV, OTT and digital platforms in the Baltimore and Washington, D.C., media markets. Baron’s campaign manager, Pablo Roa, suggested more is coming.

“As this week’s campaign finance report will show, we have the cash-on-hand to compete with better-known candidates during this critical homestretch — and we have the message to beat them,” he said. “This initial ad buy will allow us to share that message with hundreds of thousands of voters across the state.”

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