MARYLAND MATTERS: Senators Call on Health Department to Issue Stricter Statewide COVID-19 Mandates, Require Vaccines in Schools

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Jon Baron, a nonprofit executive and gubernatorial candidate, called on Gov. Lawrence J. Hogan Jr. (R) and local officials to institute tougher vaccine and testing requirements.

At a press conference in Baltimore, Baron said all state employees and contractors, in addition to educators and school staff statewide, should be required to show proof for vaccination or receive weekly testing. Baron also said all workers in “indoor healthcare settings” should be required to show proof of vaccination.

He also wants to see more local governments in Maryland implement vaccination and testing requirements, similar to Montgomery County’s plan.

“I’m proud of the fact that Maryland is the 7th most vaccinated state in the nation,” Baron said. “But our contest is not with other states; it’s with the virus. Currently 40% of all Marylanders are unvaccinated, and until those numbers increase, we remain highly vulnerable to the delta variant.”

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