RELEASE: Jon Baron Announces Plan to Fight Climate Crisis

For Immediate Release, 3/8/22

Contact: [email protected]

Jon Baron Releases Plan to Fight Climate Crisis

Maryland has led the nation in cutting carbon emissions. Under Baron’s plan, our state will go further to fight the climate crisis — and we’ll do it while maintaining robust economic growth.

Bethesda, MD – Today, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jon Baron released his plan to fight the climate crisis — using proven, successful approaches to significantly cut carbon emissions in Maryland while maintaining robust economic growth.

Under Baron’s plan, Maryland will build on the success of existing regional climate partnerships, like the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), to cut carbon emissions in various sectors across the region. Through RGGI, Maryland and 10 neighboring states have reduced carbon emissions from power plants by 47% since 2009.

“When it comes to cutting carbon emissions, Maryland knows what works — we’ve been doing it for years. Regional climate partnerships like RGGI are the single most effective way to cut carbon emissions while maintaining robust economic growth.

My administration will recommit our state’s efforts with RGGI, and we’ll immediately join the new TCI-P to further cut emissions in the transportation sector.”

– Jon Baron

The Baron administration will expand our state’s participation in regional climate partnerships by joining the new Transportation and Climate Initiative Program (TCI-P). While RGGI focuses on cutting power plant emissions, TCI-P focuses on cutting carbon emissions in the transportation sector. TCI-P aims to reduce transportation-related emissions in the participating TCI-P states by 26% by 2032.

Baron’s plan also calls for setting ambitious, technologically-neutral emissions standards for government buildings and vehicles; increasing sustainable investment through Environmental Impact Bonds; and making Maryland a leader in green technology development by providing seed funding to early-stage green tech start-ups.

Critically, Baron’s plan will ensure that rural and low-income communities are not adversely affected by climate policies. Revenues created from regional cap and trade programs like RGGI and TCI-P will be used to fully offset any adverse economic impacts in these communities, such as slightly higher fuel costs.

“Regional climate partnerships don’t just cut carbon emissions — they also generate revenue for the state. We should immediately rebate revenues from TCI-P to affected communities and individuals to ensure that there aren’t any potentially adverse economic impacts for Marylanders.”

– Jon Baron

Some revenues will also be invested in environmental justice initiatives, such as curbing air pollution from the Baltimore trash incinerator that is especially damaging to nearby disadvantaged communities.

“Climate change is an existential crisis for our state’s ecosystems and natural resources, and an immediate threat to our economy.

Under my plan, Maryland will continue to lead the nation in cutting carbon emissions and creating a green economy — and we’ll do it while maintaining robust economic growth and ensuring that no community gets left behind. Let’s do what works to fight the climate crisis.”

– Jon Baron

Baron looks forward to discussing his plans during this week’s gubernatorial forums at the University of Maryland, College Park, and Goucher College. You can find his full climate platform on the Jon Baron for Maryland website.

Jon Baron is available for further comment — please email [email protected] for a quote or to schedule an interview.


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