RELEASE: Jon Baron to Report Over $2 Million Raised, $1.7 Million On-Hand

Calls on fellow Democrats to rewrite the playbook of expanding unproven programs, focus instead on bold solutions that are tested and shown to improve lives

For Immediate Release, 1/13/22

Bethesda, MD – Six months ago, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jon Baron entered the race without the deep fundraising networks and corporate ties of many of his competitors. From Day 1, Baron pledged to run a campaign powered by individuals — refusing contributions from special interests, corporations, or Maryland lobbyists.

Later this month, the Jon Baron for Maryland campaign will report over $1.7 million in cash on-hand — funding that will allow us to run a competitive statewide race and win the Democratic Primary this June.

“I’ve said from the beginning that I won’t take a dime from corporations, PACs, or Maryland lobbyists in this race. Maryland deserves a governor who will answer to voters, not special interests — and I’m grateful to everyone who has contributed to our campaign.

In too many areas, our state is stuck: wages for low and moderate income Marylanders have been stagnant for 40 years as income inequality has soared. Poverty hasn’t improved. Our students have fallen behind. Our party and our state can’t keep doing the same thing we’ve been doing for decades — rolling out one unproven government program after the next — and expect a different result.   

I’m running for governor because it’s clear we need a fundamentally new approach in Maryland — one based on bold solutions that don’t just sound good, but have been tested in the real world and proven to deliver results.

Our message continues to resonate with voters, and I’m thrilled that our campaign will have the resources to share that message with millions of Marylanders across the state.”

– Jon Baron

The Jon Baron for Maryland campaign will report contributions from individuals, as well as a personal investment from Jon Baron and his wife, Jessica.

About Jon Baron:

Former nonprofit executive and federal official Jon Baron has a proven record of making a difference and delivering results for those who need it most.

Trusted by the Obama, Bush and Clinton administrations, Jon is a recognized leader in finding and developing effective and innovative public programs that drive real change.  As the founder of the nonprofit Coalition for Evidence-Based Policy and a leader at a national philanthropy, Jon has partnered with legislators, experts and activists to enact major reforms – as part of Obamacare, the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and other legislation – that produced big gains in education, earnings, and healthcare. Jon has also led a billion dollar federal program to support small businesses, and won awards for spurring innovation and reinventing government. Jon has been an appointee of both Democratic and Republican Presidents and has twice been confirmed by the Senate.

A native of Maryland, Jon and his wife, Jessica, have lived in Montgomery County for 27 years, raising two sons who attended the same Maryland public schools Jon did.

Jon Baron is available for further comment — please email [email protected] for a quote or to schedule an interview.


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