STAR DEMOCRAT: Democratic gubernatorial contender calls for state COVID vaccine mandates

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BALTIMORE — Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jon Baron is calling for expansive statewide COVID vaccine mandates.

Baron, a nonprofit executive running for Maryland governor in 2022, favors vaccine mandates for all state employees and contractors, K-12 teachers and staff and all health care workers.

He also wants businesses and local governments to impose COVID vaccine requirements on their workers to help curtail the virus’ Delta variant and a rise in hospitalizations.

The gubernatorial candidate also wants to set up mass vaccination centers inside schools.

“The evidence is clear: vaccines are extremely effective. At this point, almost all COVID hospitalizations and deaths are unnecessary. Lack of vaccination also puts our youngest school children – who can’t yet be vaccinated – and immunocompromised patients at risk. Just as we have passed laws to ban driving under the influence and require polio vaccines for schoolchildren, we must act decisively to expand COVID vaccine coverage and save lives in Maryland, “ Baron said.

Vaccine mandates have been imposed by some employers and governments as a way to press the unvaccinated to get shots.

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