The Afro: Jon Baron calls on Governor Hogan to require vaccines or testing of Maryland public school students 16+, and vaccines of all school staff

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Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jon Baron called on Governor Hogan to require COVID vaccination or weekly testing for all Maryland public school students aged 16+, and to require vaccination for all school staff. Baron’s call follows today’s announcement by the FDA that the agency has given full approval to the Pfizer vaccine for all individuals 16 and older.


“At this time, almost all COVID hospitalizations and deaths are preventable. Vaccines are extremely effective at preventing serious illness or death from this disease. We should use every tool at our disposal to get more Marylanders vaccinated,” Baron said. “Currently just over half of 12-17 year-old Marylanders are vaccinated, and their low vaccination rate puts our youngest school children – who can’t yet be vaccinated – and immunocompromised patients at risk. The bottom line: vaccines save lives, so let’s do what works.”

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